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The man has IPhone, so why can’t your pet get Smartbone?


Dogs love to gnaw bones, but usually bones are overpriced. They often crumble, cause stomach problems and lead to a mess around. Smartbone steps into the breach

What is it?

This is a unique gaming device that will become a really smart, fun and interesting chum for your pet. You can play with it using your smartphone! It even looks cool! 

For whom?

For those who love animals, because it will be their "first gaming console", "smartphone" or favorite thing, which your pet will not recall, but play!

Just look at it!

Oh, you are really posh!!

Now you know how classy it is. Let’s take a closer look!

What is special about this gadget? What problems it helps to solve? How much does it cost?

Why choose Smartbone?

Before purchase you should make a balanced decision. That is why we decided to explain the advantages of our gadget that will please not only your pet, but also you. Many questions arise, for example, people inquire about:

How strong is the toy? My dog will definitely eat it!

John, LA

Is Smartbone harmful? Do you have special licenses? ?

Veronika, Alaska

How much time does the battery work and how to charge your toy?

Martin Freeman, NY

Does this product have a guarantee? What is the price of this gadget?

Gretta, Texas

Let's figure it out!

Busy days at work and traveling make you feel tired and upset ... now think about how such days make your dog feel... Sitting at home, bored and disappointed, nothing more to do but sleep, eat and wait all day long, until their owner return. Unfortunately, we often return late, too tired to pay necessary attention to pet that he or she needs and deserve...

Nevertheless, we are pleased to inform you that with Smartbone the non-playing days are finished. Only one click and fun, entertaining and stimulating exercises that your dog needs, will make life much easier and much more exciting for both of you!


Before proceeding to the benefits, please look at the dog on the left picture and on the right one and decide which one reminds you of your dog.


It is sad without play…

But your owner is too late…

Before buying Smartbone

But this dog won’t say he is poor.

With Smartbone – you’re never poor

After buying Smartbone

So, what kind of pet do you have?

After you have answered the question, we can continue. "Superbone" has the following benefits:

Emotional adjustment

Due to this feature, the bone will react to your dog's behavior online

Safety and strength

Smartbone was designed to be as safe, soft and strong as both you and your pet want it. Made of polycarbonate, it is soft enough for dog when it catches the bone with its paws or mouth.

Ease to use

Connect it with your Bluetooth enabled device, control it via the Wickedbone app (available for iOS and Android), and the game is turned on. The Smartbone is also easy to clean: its removable tires and protective cover are very easy to remove, so they can be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Duration of work

Charging the Smartbone is also very simple with a Micro USB charging cable. Charging once for 1 hour, Smartbone lasts more than 40 minutes in drive mode, more than 4 hours in interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode.

Extends pet life

Frustration and accumulated energy that dogs do not use during the day often force them to chew on furniture, nervously bark and become excessively excited and perhaps even aggressive towards other dogs and you.

A true friend

Fortunately, all of this can be easily prevented. Smartbone is your dog's best friend when you are busy with something important.

Any questions?

We are ready to answer!

Are you ready to purchase?

We have touched the main points of "super-performance". Changing your pet's world is easy when you have a smartbone. At the same time, we don’t want you to have even the slightest doubts about this!

They will love it, just can’t say this!

Animal lovers - it's time to say yes! Smartbone is a great alternative to the regular bones or familiar toys. This is a toy with a remote control in the form of a bone. It is a smart entertainment for your dog. Via the remote control, you can set commands, let your dog run while relaxing on your favorite sofa.  

For humane people!

The Smartbone reacts to your dog's reaction in various modes (from boredom and drowsiness to an active game). All you need is to download the application. Then, after setting the modes, the bone will conduct a special interaction with the pet. As many as 9 movements - have fun! You can play on the street and at home. The toy is safe for animals and people. Dogs need movement and care - so give them DRIVE!  

                                                                                  Any questions?                buy

What do we get?

Now, we figured out what Smartbone is. Let’s summarize in order to help you make a right decision!

Easy to operate

With a light touch you can switch different game modes on your own. Your pet will not be indifferent.

Durability and Efficiency

Having bought such a toy for your pet, you can be sure that he or she will not crack it.


We have all the necessary certificates and licenses. We do love animals!


By purchasing Smartbone, you not only give joy to your pet, but also allow yourself to relax or do some work.


There are no such toys, but you can become their owner! By using a smartphone, you can operate the smartbone!


You're responsible for what you have tamed, but in our time we cannot devote much time not only to pets, but also to children. So why can’t we break the stereotype?



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